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As a Graphic Designer, my work is focused on effective communication, with a strong emphasis on style and brand identification, concept association and graphic attractiveness.

My unlimited design revisions policy ensures that you will get the final product you need, without any extra costs or fees.

As a professional, my goal and motive is to provide reliable work at an affordable price, while offering complete design solutions that go from graphics and printing to websites and social media.

  • A new brand designed to be identified with the mexican culture while differentiating itself from latin fast-food restaurants.
  • Rainboost is a content marketing company. This logo was inspired by the graphic elements of rain, with a hint of modern tribal design.
  • Happy Hour is a new company established in the champagne & wine industry. The brand is inspired in elegant and modern spirit drinks.
  • Alpha is a new multimedia event company, established in Argentina. Their philosophy is to be different while providing creative consultancy.
  • This logo was inspired by concept of a holistic vegetarian lifestyle. The logo unifies the different styles of fruits and vegetables to form one single shape.
  • In PadelMaster's logo, The P and the M, separated by color value, form the shape of three Paddle racquets in a simplified—yet identifiable—fashion.
  • This design has been purchased and is currently being used under a different name. Inspired by the concepts of movement, change and transition.
  • Thinkgreen is a landscaping company located in Australia. This logo refers to their capability of providing diverse customized solutions for different clients.
  • Buena Mente, translated as Good Mind, was designed for a website of puzzle games for Alzheimer's desease patients. Inspired in the symbols of logic and mind.
  • Tripsims is a company dedicated to connect people all around the globe through low-price international sim cards. This logo uses the base shape of a sim card while including a world map and a forward motion arrow.
  • This one-page website was created as a Graphic Design project in coordination with data from Psychology. It is an interactive infographic that shows the effects of emotions on the human body, as well as the facial expressions of each universal emotion.
  • In commemoration of their 30 years of service, AudioPower decided to redesign their logo and obtain a stronger online presence through a new website. The design was thought to communicate the company's leadership and experience in the field of audio and electronics.
  • PadelMaster's website was designed to go along with the new logo's identity, using colors and shapes taken from it. From a user perspective, it is easy to use and to go through when looking for a specific service.
  • Vaden Tactical's brand is identified by complementary colors Blue and Orange and the sharp style of its logo. This website was designed to take that style to the next level, creating a more professional and reliable image.
  • Simple and easy to use design for the promotion of a single book, providing some information about it, some more about the author and even a recorded interview with him.
  • One of the first web designs by LCDG, Livity's website is based on their style and culture, also reflected in their clothes. This design included a feature where the user would hover the mouse over a shirt and would get to see it in detail to the left of the screen.
  • A complete web design for the New Paradigm expert, Jens Jerndal. The design merges a blog (managed by the expert himself) and static information about his books and himself.
  • As an interior design company, Disegno Primo decided to go for a website where pictures and products would be the main attraction. This designed was created with that premise, allowing users to click on each image to see it in detail.
  • Teixido is a local small clothes business located in Argentina. This design was inspired by the simplicity and attractiveness of Teixido's apparel.
Motion Graphics
Other Designs
  • Print ad and ticket design for a cancer awareness event at Ohio Wesleyan University. The design of the elements was inspired by direction of the Soccer team's logo, on the lower right hand corner.
  • Graphic advertisement for a local artist promoting his new album. The design was based on the pre-existent album cover, adjusting the design to its style.
  • Promotional piece to communicate players about new tournaments organized by Padel Zona Norte. The design was inspired by the diagonal positions of the player and the company's logo.
  • This poster was designed to promote a single event, providing all the necessary information about it, but making it noticeable among the clutter of other posters on the wall.
  • Vaden Tactical decided it was time to take their product descriptions to the next step. This template was designed agreeing with the style of the VT's brand, its colors and graphic feel.
  • These designs were created for Grundfos, who wanted to make their internal communications strategy more effective. Instead of sending simple text emails to employees, they used these pieces to make sure people paid attention to them.
  • A few pieces of promotional advertising.
Logos for sale
Each of these logos is for sale here and can be modified or adjusted to fit your neeeds.
  • Digital Marketing. A logo inspired in marketings concept of targeting, with a digital and modern feel.
  • CloudFiles This abstract logo has an edgy and modern identity, and it can be used in various applications and colors.
  • Take-off This logo was designed to be used metaphorically, as a symbol of departure, taking-off or rising to a higher level.
  • Bird eye This design conveys movement, speed and agility. It is perfect for sports-related brands or modern technology companies.
  • Sunset This logo can be used for any type of venture. Its style conveys a message of relaxation and tranquility.


The job isn't finished until you accept the final piece and are 100% satisfied with the design.